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Are you looking for support getting online, sending an email, figuring out Facebook, your Ipad/tablet, cellphone or TV remote (PVR)? Perhaps you have a parent that needs a little technical or computer help?  Whether you want to be taught or just have your tech problem fixed, we're your guys. Tech Teachers has been offering Tech support to seniors and others since 2000. provides fun easy personalized attention so that you can enjoy your technology.

Sometimes you need a hand sorting out your personal computing or mobile problems. We offer our services at a reasonable hourly rate so you can get your tech questions answered.

We specialize in Group Lessons, and know how to get our information across with personalized attention and patience. We make learning fun through a variety of engaging lesson plans. 

If you wish to set up a series of visits to deal with a number of issues, we offer a reduced rate for frequent fliers. This is helpful to keep your computer skills sharp over  a period of time and includes phone support if you get stuck when we're not around

We specialize in teaching groups. We know how to get our information across in a clear and concise manner. We make the learning fun through a variety of engaging lesson plans. 

"Now I can stay in touch with my Grandkids on Facebook and connect with my friends using Email."


We're here to make the learning process easier for you. Contact us by phone or text (604-728-6685) or use the form below to see how our services can help!


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